Regency H2100 wood burning hearth stove

Regency H2100 wood burning hearth stove We had a Regency H2100 installed to save money from running electric heat. The hearth is an 18 inch hearth. The part that hangs over the edge slightly is actually the blower motor. The stove gives us several advantages for the area where we … Continue reading

Ah ha!! Evidence they are lying to us.

This article that came out today about Americans raiding their savings accounts shows us the truth behind the lies we have been fed.  What happened to the advice to spend more to get the economy moving?  Remember the worry that people would save the tax breaks from the last presidency instead … Continue reading

Unlock Blackberry 8310 with Service

I’m switching to for mobile service.  It’s a text only carrier who has two plans, 400 messages for $9.99 or unlimited messages for $19.99.  I think I will stay well under the lower plan.  Switching our two phones, my wife’s and mine, will save us about $540/yr.  Not too shabby.  We … Continue reading

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