Luke 21 – Episode 16: How to Study Biblical Prophecy – St. Paul’s Letters to the Thessalonians – Part 14

Here is a podcast that I have been enjoying, Luke 21 Radio.  Steve Woods from the Family Life Center International is the host/teacher.  He shows how to approach biblical prophecy from the perspective of St. Augustine.  Here is a sample episode. Hope you enjoy.   Luke 21 – Episode 16: … Continue reading

Myth, Magic, and Materialism: Making the most of the myriad of mistakes of modern atheism

Here is an abstract for a talk I recently gave to a Catholic home school group.  It seems a little rough and disconnected to me but I consider it a work in progress.  Hope you enjoy. Myth Magic and Materialism, Making the Most of the Myriad of Mistakes of Modern … Continue reading

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