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Here is an excellent talk that Bishop Rice gave at our Diocean Youth Conference in March.  Well worth the read for Catholic families!!


The theme for this weekend is “the narrow gate.” It implies that there are a variety of roads that lead to a variety of places. There is the “easy” road, there is “my” road, there is the “whatever” road and there is the “narrow” road. And each of them leads to a different location.

The “easy” road can lead to a life of what Pope Francis calls the life of “silent indifference” with a heart cold and empty of charity. “My” road leads to a life of searching, a life that is never satisfied, a life that is immersed in the things of this world but which always leads to emptiness. The “whatever” road is the road of slavery. It is a misguided notion of freedom, open to whatever I want to do, but this road leads one exposed to the extremes of life and eventually to spiritual death. And then, we have the “narrow” road, which may come across to those unfamiliar to be restrictive and filled with boundaries, but in the end, allow one to arrive safe to their destination…



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