Do they know it’s still Christmastime?

Tonight one of my sons asked if we could take down the Christmas tree. I said obviously not since it’s Christmas. Not everyone believed me, in part because of confusion over which date marks the end of the Christmas season. A couple of the kids thought that it was the epiphany. So we looked it up online and found that it is Christmas until Monday.

It made me think of that song by Band Aid. Even though the song is really weird, I thought the question was pretty fitting. But it didn’t apply to people in a far-off land. It applies to our own society. In 21st century America, we tend to celebrate Christmas starting the day after Thanksgiving (or even after Halloween), have a big celebration on Christmas Day, and then not celebrate Christmas for the rest of the season.  It’s difficult to live out Advent when everyone is living Christmas, and then celebrate Christmas when everyone else has stopped.  We should celebrate Christmas all season long. So, keep the Christmas tunes going. Keep the tree and lights up. Watch Christmas movies with a big cup of hot chocolate.

As our family discussion turned to the Band-aid Song. We tend to do things like that.  We didn’t know who everybody was in the video so I took some screenshots for research. Here they are for your consideration.
David Lee Roth?

Sam Gamgee from the Lord of the Rings?

No idea

Eddie Haskil?

George McFly?

We saw somewhere online that said that Kris Kross was in the video but I didn’t see them. Maybe they were too short?



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