Regency H2100 wood burning hearth stove

Regency H2100 wood burning hearth stove

We had a Regency H2100 installed to save money from running electric heat. The hearth is an 18 inch hearth. The part that hangs over the edge slightly is actually the blower motor. The stove gives us several advantages for the area where we live. We are in Southern Missouri and the area can suffer from freezing rain in the winters. Ice on the power lines and trees can knock power out for long periods of time. Several years ago some people in the area were without power for 3 weeks.

Since this stoves sits on the hearth, it can radiate heat from the top, sides, and front. The surface on top has a large area that can be used for cooking. Obviously it would also serve as a source of light. If the power was out we can use a marine a battery to run the fan but we wouldn’t necessarily need it.

The stove has high and low fan settings. You can run it manually or automatically. In the automatic setting the fan will shut off if the temperature drops below 180 degrees. There is a slide control on the left side to control air intake. When the slide control is out, air intake is at the maximum setting.

Since we have small kids, we have dog panel pieces around it to keep them from getting burned.

The blower motor takes air from the bottom. The air travels around the back and out at the top.

For this location in our house it is a good option. There is a loft to the bed room area in this room so we can get some heat upstairs at night. During the day we turn on the ceiling fan to spread the heat around on the first floor.

The stove is a medium sized stove so it is not a total solution for our house. We need a larger one for the other fireplace in our family room. But we’re happy with the stove since it gives some security in the event of a power failure and has saved us a lot of money on our heating bills.

If I fill the stove before I go to bed, it usually runs low before I have to get up. This is generally when the dogs have to go to the bathroom so I get up around 3:30 or 4:00 in the morning anywhere. I simply add some wood on the way back to bed and we’re good until the morning. I have rarely needed to stoke the fire. I just open the air intake a bit and it catches fire pretty shortly. Then I close the intake about half way and go back to bed.

Once I have replaced the other stove, we should be set. Our house will have wood as it’s primary source for heat and the electric systems will be for back up.

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