Mag flashlight LED bulb upgrade

I decided that my old d cell mag light needed an upgrade with an LED lightbulb. I ordered one online for about $15. It was easy to replace. It wasn’t any harder than changing the standard lightbulb.

Here the results you can see in the two pictures after the picture of the flashlight. I shined the flashlight on the ceiling with the old lightbulb and then with the new lightbulb. The results are pretty impressive.



The next two pictures are the flashlight shining directly at my phone camera and the flashlight that I have shining on the floor during the day.


Well the flashlight is brighter the biggest game that I will get out of this is that the LED lightbulb will draw much less power from the batteries. In an emergency situation I will be will use this flashlight much much longer before the batteries run out. So while I have become partial to the type of flashlight that straps to your forehead, something like this will have great use as well.

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