New Year’s resolutions for 2013

More often than not I have skipped making any New Year’s resolutions but I came up with two this year that I thought were pretty good.

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The first is to do 12 nice things. One per month. I know what you are thinking, “Just 12? That’s it?”. Well I’m not counting any nice thing that I would ordinarily do. I want to do something that takes a little thought and maybe some planning. So far it has caused me to keep my eyes open to opportunities for doing something special. I like the way it makes me actively thinking about corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Hopefully it will become habit forming.

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The second resolution is to make 12 youtube videos. The majority of the small amount of adsense money I get comes from my youtube videos. It takes a little bit of work to do one right but it’s a diversion I enjoy doing once in a while. I can’t remember if I brought my good mic from Illinois so hopefully sound levels won’t be an issue on the first couple of videos.

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So that’s it. Wish me luck and I hope you do well in 2013 and have lots of blessings.

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