Free storm preparedness class review

I have now listened to Steve Harris’ storm preparedness class which is found at The class is a recording of a session that was given in Michigan around 10 years ago. The class focuses on the 4 most important things you will need in an emergency. They are shelter, water, food, and energy. There are lots of great tips and information. I especially found the section on food useful. I hadn’t quite considered how cheaply and easily one could store food.

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Because I have listened to some of his more recent talks, I know that his recommendations on battery size and types have changed. You can check out hisĀ appearancesĀ on The Survival Podcast to get up to speed on batteries. Steve Harris is extremely smart always engaging. Considering the course is free, I think it is worth listening to. The only cost is that he will ask for your e-mail address. You will get some e-mail from him but if you don’t want that, you can always unsubscribe.
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