Trip to the alpaca farm

We took a trip to Rivendell Alpacas in Elgin, Illinois. We got a chance to feed the alpacas by hand and pet the alpacas. Alpacas are known for the quality of their fleece. Obviously, they are very gentle and even a little shy. But once they were relaxed, we were able to interact with them. When they eat out of their hand, it kind of tickles. One of them slightly used his teeth but didn’t bite, she sort of scratched your palm with her teeth. Rivendell Alpacas sells alpacas and will also board alpacas. The owners are really nice.

The animal the is much bigger than the rest is a guard llama. Her job is to protect the alpacas in the same way a large dog, such as a great pyrenees might do. She said the llama weighs over 400 pounds and will charge predators and chase them away. The alpacas will gather together around the weaker members when threatened. This helps protect against sneak attacks, such as coyotes working together. Because of this, the llama doesn’t wander far off and get drawn away from the flock.



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