diy aquariponics setbacks

I have had a few issues trying to get my aquariponics set up going.  First I learned that using the newspaper to start the seeds was a bad idea.  It was clogging up the holes in the worm tube feeders and blocking the roots from growing out.  I restarted with some pea gravel but that became too heavy.  I used some foam pads to try to get it to float but it didn’t work very well.  Finally, I started many more seeds but floated them on top of the water within the worm tube.  At this time I discovered a leak in the tank, oh no.  I have had to drain it and find a temporary container for the fish.  Now I have a cleanup job to do.  I found out that I should be able to repair the tank with non-toxic silicone caulk.  Wish me luck.



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