diy aquariponics lettuce 1 week

I’m trying my hand at aquariponics.  Aquari-who?  It’s aquaponics in an aquarium.  Aquapon-what?  I’m hydroponically growing plants.  Don’t plants need more than water?  That’s where the aquarium comes in.  The fish provide the nutrients for the plants.
I started with some styrofoam cups  with holes in the bottom.  Then I added some shredded news paper to hold the seeds.   I’m not sure this is the best medium but it did work.  Lettuce seeds went on top.  Here are the results after one week.  The seeds sprouted fast.  I tried to move them to these cups that are used to feed small worms to fish.  I cut some larger holes on the bottom for the roots to grow out through.  I’m not sure all the plants will survive the transplant.  But I’m off to a good start so far.  Two small comet goldfish are supplying the fertilizer.
With some luck and learning, I could have home grown lettuce all year round.  I’ll follow up with more pictures in the future.



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