Unlock Blackberry 8310 with GSMLiberty.net Service

I’m switching to http://qwertcorp.com/ for mobile service.  It’s a text only carrier who has two plans, 400 messages for $9.99 or unlimited messages for $19.99.  I think I will stay well under the lower plan.  Switching our two phones, my wife’s and mine, will save us about $540/yr.  Not too shabby.  We still have magicjack (which is also super cheap) for the house when we want to talk.  Of course I still have the google voice number, 586-S4L0M0N (586-745-0606).  The only down side is if we have a baby sitter with no cell phone to text us.  For that situation I’ll have to leave one pc unlocked for sending e-mails to our cell phones.  I can just create a @kingsalomon.net account and a login for gmail to use the pop server.  Once I do that, we’re covered.  Oh, the carrier for Qwert is T-Mobile so the coverage is good.

This idea was inspired by reading Early Retirement Extreme.  I’m half way through this book and love it!!



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