Makeshift water feature

Here is the other part of the project to attract bluebirds to my yard.  Previously, I posted about how the kids and I built a couple of bird houses.  We actually have two of them now.  From what I have read, bluebirds are territorial so you don’t want to have too many too close together.  We have two left over that I’m not sure what we’ll do with yet.  The next step was to add a water feature.

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I think I’m going to replace the liner with something that blends in with the color of the planter a little better.  Also, I would like to add a glass or clear plastic dish to make it a little easier for the birds to bathe in.  I was hoping to build the whole thing for under $40 and I hit my mark.  We’ll see next spring how it works out.

makeshift water feature

makeshift water feature

My oldest daughter suggested that we also build a bird feeder and I have found a design in a book.  Maybe that will be the next thing on our list.  Wish me luck.  Any one with tips for attracting bluebirds in the Chicago west suburbs, please chime in!!



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