Bluebird birdhouse

The kids and I built a birdhouse for bluebirds over the weekend.  I drew on inspiration from several different areas.

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First, my oldest daughter started taking an interest in bird watching after some nature hikes.  She has been reading a lot of books on the subject.

Second is that I wanted to see if I could do something about the amount of insects in myTHE SELF-SUFFICIENT GARDENER back yard where my garden is. I got the idea of trying to attract bluebirds to solve this problem after listening to the Self-sufficient gardner podcast about bluebirds.

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Third, I was inspired by @creuzerm who has a never ending stream  of accomplished projects.  I usually end up getting my garage swept or some windows washed in the time it takes him to carve a dining room set from a tree he felled with an ax he made (or at least it seems to me). To be fair, I do have 6 kids and not only is it more time consuming, they also tend to scatter more objects around which leads to more time just straightening up around the house.


The birdhouse will sit on the conduit you see in the images below.  I will end up greasing the pipe to prevent predators from climbing.  I haven’t cut the conduit yet so we had to hold it up in our stair case to see it upright.  I think I’m going to cement the bottom end of the conduit into a cinder block.

One of the sides opens with hinges to allow for periodic cleaning.  I’m going to replace the thin twistie tie with a thicker one, maybe a small piece of electrical wire.  According to the book where we got this plan, a raccoon can’t defeat this type of closure.   Hopefully, we won’t have to find out.

Ok, so there are gaps in the walls.  Wait, no.  Those are drainage and ventilation features.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.  I think the birds will deal with it just fine.

I started with a 6 foot 8 x 1 board and a 10 foot 6 x 1 board, two pieces of conduit, some scrap wood I had laying around, conduit straps, nails and screws, and hinges.  This will produce 4 houses.  I think we’ll set up two of them.  The kids may try to sell the other two.  We do plan on painting them in the future.

Next up, completing our new make shift water feature.


With that said, here is what we came up with:




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