Worm tower

I made a worm tower to do some vermicomposting in my garden.  The idea is to feed compost worms in the garden and let them do their work leaving their castings in the garden.  The pipe I bought was 4″ perforated pvc pipe.  It’s a good idea to use a hole saw to add additional holes where the pipe will be under ground so the worms have more room to move around.  All I need now are composting worms which I plan on picking up soon.

I do have one small change to my plan.  I am going to place the tower outside of the raised bed.  Someone brought up a concern about the pvc breaking down right where I’m growing my food.  Good idea to just move it to somewhere near but not in the raised bed.  This shouldn’t take too long at all.

The whole idea was really a spur of the moment off shoot of another idea I had to add some air circulation to my compost pile so I don’t have to turn it so much.  Since I was going to have extra pipe, why not make good use of it.

worm tower

worm tower



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