Poop hill revisited part 1

Here is the work I have started to do to poop hill.  As you can see, the dog run is gone.  I sold it on craigslist.  I made this garden box from garden timbers and small sections of rebar.  The box will house potatoes and probably herbs.  I’m not going to strictly do a square foot garden style to this box but will put the potatoes towards the deeper end in the center and the herbs along the side that is closer.  The top will probably have lettuce as we eat large quantities of it.  I want to add another box to this layout.  I may make the box parallel to the first on the other side of the granny smith apple tree.  The other option is to put it perpendicular so they would end up in an L shape.

I reused a bunch of the gravel as hardscape next to the box since I want to suppress any growth there.  The white fence is enough to keep the dogs out as they are starting to get pretty old.  The one who usually would trample any and all plants has gone blind and may also have a neurological disorder.  We think his time with us will come to an end soon.




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