edible landscape concept for my yard

Here are some concepts I am thinking about for my yard. Any feedback would be appreciated.  The first video explains what I’m trying to do.  Basically, I’d like some edible landscaping in a area that we don’t get much use.  All I do now on this side is cut the grass.  It happens to be our only usable sunny area on my property.  I’m not too sure how practical or costly this would be if I do it.

garden concept

garden concept










Here are some ground level photos.

Here is a video walk through of the ground.  You can see the box along the house where I will move my blueberry bushes.  Then there is the area near the fence where I am thinking of putting the bench.  Finally, I show the downspouts where my rain barrels will go.



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  1. Your on a corner lot, is it a high foot traffic area? Kids cutting through the corner of the yard?

    The first thing I would do is set up a couple of swales and run a gutter into each of them. This should help keep the garden watered off your roof without messing with rain barrels.

    I’d go with some nice edible shrubbery like you pointed out. Your Blueberry shrubs would be nice, many people wouldn’t recognize them as edible. They like more acidic soil don’t they? I am planting some roses in front of my basement windows for the rose hips.

    There are lots of ‘ornamental’ vegetables such as sweet potatoes. Planting those closer to the sidewalk will give the impression that the garden in ornamental.

    Using fancy lettuces in the spring and fall as a ground cover would look nice too.

    You could sprinkle chives, garlic & onions here and there as well.

    Doing some companion planting with flowers such as marigolds will make it look less like a vegetable garden as well.

    Traditional vegetable gardens are so boring! I’d like to see this one when your done.

  2. Even though it’s on a corner the kids actually like to cut through about a 1 foot gap between my ceder fence that you can see in the pics and my neighbor’s chain link. They come out on the other side of the yard (where I was having trouble with poison ivy). So it actually doesn’t get too much traffic.

    The blueberries do like acid. I mixed a good amount of peat moss into the container they are temporarily housed in and they seem to be loving it. I have to test the area they are going to see what that soil is like.

    Thanks for the input.

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