Here I Am Lord

I got to spend some time at the Here I Am Lord conference at St. Patrick’s parish in St. Charles, Il.  I had a couple of interesting conversations while I was there.  The first was with a woman who was a secular Franciscan.  She told me her reversion story after being away from the Church for 40 years.  It was interesting and inspiring.  I wish I always had a camera recording so I could have recorded it.  Maybe Chicago’s Mayor Daley is on to something with his video cameras all over the place.  Maybe I can track her down some day and record her reversion.

The second notable conversation that I had was with a couple of sisters from Sisters in Jesus the Lord.  The sisters are missionary sisters who travel to Vladivostok in Russia.  We had a great conversation about issues related to Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy.  Mostly I was struck by the joy that you could read on their faces.  It was great to meet them and put a face to a mission that I have supported with donations in the past.  You can learn about these sisters at




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