My modification of P90X

Recently a number of people I know have either started P90X or have asked me about my experience of P90X.  It’s a great exercise program that has saved me a bundle over gym dues.  If you look for it on ebay, you can find it for about half the cost.  My workouts are more balanced and I feel great.

I first started P90X way back over a year ago, then I got swine flu. Then I started again and got tennis elbow. One thing after another. This is actually my 4th attempt to get all the way through. I’m in week 6 of 13. And yes, I do love it.

I actually figured out why it is set up the way it is and modified it and I’m getting better results. It boils down to this. You hit each major muscle group once a week, really, really hard. The exceptions are legs, back and abs. You do legs and back twice a week because they are the biggest muscle groups and can take two workouts a week without burning out. The ab workout is much shorter than most of the workouts. The first and third phase are basic push/pull routines. Major group first (chest and back) then minor groups, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. It’s push/pull each day for upper body.



The second phase is longer and is a classic push routine (chest, shoulder, triceps) followed by pull routine (back and biceps). In each phase, the second day is plyo for legs. If you see the schedule laid out, it all makes sense. It used to seem random to me but it’s really old school in it’s format. You use body weight for the most part. Pushups from every angle, plyo for legs, tons of pull ups with different grips. Dumbells for arms. No bench or barbells needed. It’s very creative.

They fill the days in between with stretching, cardio, and yoga. I now skip these entirely. I get cardio by walking on breaks at work and my activity will increase when the kids start soccer. Without the other workouts, I’m resting more and that’s why I’m getting more out of the strength building days. Besides this is about all I can do while raising a family with 6 kids.  With my modified routine, this is the first time I have been able to do some of the exercises like one armed pushups (only 4 so far but hey, it’s a start). I can do more corn cob pull ups with better form and about 40% more plyo pushups.

Here is a video I made 2/27/11 of parts of my workout.

Here was week 6 plyo push ups.  At the end, I try to say something but I’m totally winded.



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