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In the latest episode of Good Enough Gardening, Apples in your hair, Amanda Thomsen describes what she saw when she came out to my house to look at poop hill.  She gave me some great advice and I’ve been thinking about how to plan out next year, especially in regards to espalier apple trees.

They asked if I could put some pictures up so here they are.  I have two shots of the hill that is hard to maintain.  I also have a picture of the dog run that I am going to sell and the blueberry bushes that are temporarily housed in an old book case.

Finally I included a picture of the side of the house where I would like to have my apple trees, with the blueberry in front of them.  I can also move my peach tree here.  If I put a small picket fence around this smaller side of my property, I can do more with it.  To the left you can see one of the downspouts.  One of my rain barrels can move here for the trees and bushes.  We don’t really make use of this side of the house but it gets a good amount of sun and I’ve taken to calling it my orchard.  Off to the right, there are 3 small apple trees already.



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