Dream of the toy plane

I had a dream the other night about a toy airplane. It was made of wood and no more than 3 feet long. The wingspan on the airplane was probably about two and a half feet wide. On the front was a flat wooden panel and in the back there were two flat wooden panels that met at a 90° angle. They formed a little seat which was tilted slightly back. It was configured in such a way that you could sit on this tiny seat on the back wing, with your feet on the platform in front of the plane. The plane had either gas power or battery power, I can’t remember which. The plan was built in such a way that when you sat on the little seat with your feet on the front, your legs were bent at slightly more than a 90° angle. The propellers would spin under your legs, giving your legs just enough clearance to not interfere with the propellers. Controls for the plane were just slightly in front of the seat so that you would reach down with your arms reaching around your legs towards the center of the plane. One side had a joystick that moved back and forth which controlled how fast the propellers spun. The other side had a controller which move left and right and help you to steer.

toy wooden airplane

toy wooden airplane

I got to the toy airplane after showing my family. I started moving forward rolling along the ground. Once I had built up enough speed, probably within about 30 feet or so, I leaned back and started to lift off the ground. The plane was capable of flying about as high as a traffic light. I flew around for a while and it was fun. Eventually I landed on a structure that was about as high as a garage. The structure was white and the top of it was about 3′ x 3′ square. Once I landed on the structure I became slightly concerned. I didn’t know if the plane had enough fuel so that if I were to fly off of the edge of the structure I would be able to start flying before I hit the ground. I’m not sure what made me wonder about this

I felt that I had only two choices. The first was to try see if I could make it. The plus side is that I would eventually have a nice safe landing. The downside was that if I didn’t have enough fuel or enough time to stabilize the plane, I was going to crash into the ground, probably face first. The other option is to try to climb off the structure. The downside was that it was kind of high and might hurt my ankles or feet when I landed. The plus I was that I wouldn’t have to worry about how much fuel was in the plane. Overall this option seemed to have less risk and so is what I decided to. I hung my feet down and slid off the side holding on for as long as I could. At one point I was hanging on by my fingertips with one hand and holding onto the toy plane with the other. I push the control of the plane to open the throttle and held it above my head. I let go and hope that the plane would have enough lift to lower me gently to the ground. This is exactly what happened and I landed on the ground safe and sound.

This dream reminded me of an older reoccurring dream that I used to have. In the dream I was in the neighborhood that I first grew up in. For some reason I had one of these old-fashioned bicycles that had the one wheel which was really huge in the front and one wheel which is very tiny in the back. It had a ladder along the curved frame which help you get up into place. The bike was leaning against a wall or some other type of platform and I got onto the seat. I started pedaling and was having a lot of fun riding around the neighborhood. Eventually I decided that I wanted to stop riding the bike. At that time I realized that no one had ever told me how to get off one of these bikes. I started to slow the bike and thought that I would try to jump off. But the prospect of potentially getting hurt made me pedal harder and speed up again. I repeated this process several times until I realized that I was in a dilemma and would have to think of some other option. Eventually I figured that I could ride by my grandmother’s house and jump off the bike there. They were bushes in front of the house which I could use to help cushion my fall. I pedaled to my grandmother’s house. When I got to the point where I thought it was just right I jumped off in the direction of the bushes and landed safely in them.

old fashioned bicycle

old fashioned bicycle

I don’t always think that dreams have meaning but in this case I think my mind is trying to work something out. I think it has something to do with finding yourself in a state of life where you didn’t quite know how you got there. Somehow through the events of your life you got into in a certain situation which is a good situation to be. However not knowing how to change the situation if you want to can became intimidating. But eventually with clear rational thought, workable solutions exist and things will be okay.

This is the interpretation that I came up with. If anyone has any alternate ideas, we feel free to share.



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