Ideas for teaching kids about money

I received this article, Why Johnny Can’t Save – and what parents can do about it from a Vanguard e-mail newsletter and wanted to share it.  It’s about the how the nation’s education system is doing in terms of financial education of our youth and what can be done to improve it.  As home schoolers, we have the freedom to teach our kids about money without having to jump through hoops.  I like the idea of having some transparency to the family finances.

The article mentions the Jump$tart Coalition, which aims to help teach kids about money.  I haven’t checked out the whole site but I did see that they developed national standards which look interesting.

My girls have read A Smart Girl’s Guide to Money: How to Make It, Save It, And Spend It (American Girl) (American Girl Library)
and liked it.  I did browse the book but didn’t get a chance to look through the whole thing. They have done several lemon-aid stands and do pretty well each time.

We’ve talked with our children about money as a concept, borrowing and lending, taxes, and some other things but need to move from theory to practices.  If anyone has tips or resources, I’m all ears.



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