patio gardening on spiral stairs

About a month ago, we had a storm come through the area with strong gusting winds.  It was strong enough to blow down my privacy fence in the back yard which ruined my plans for how I was going to do container gardening.  So I had to change my plans.  I came up with the idea to use my spiral staircase and containers to do patio gardening.  I also used a couple of firewood racks and plywood.  Those are along the dog run which I can use to trellis.

I’m off to late start but here is what I have so far: carrots, potatoes, pop corn, watermelon, cantaloupe, cilantro, several types of lettuce, sugar snap peas (in the hanging basket), yellow pear tomatoes, broccoli.  I have about a dozen more containers that currently have bushes for a landscaping project.  Those will start to become available on Saturday and I’ll be able to continue.

Oh, and you can check out my new fence.



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