Crown of thorns

A friend and former co-worker makes stained glass art as a hobby. She had made a crown of thorns image that I had seen a picture of. I really loved it and told her that I thought she was very talented. When I left the company recently, she was able to make a copy of the stained glass crown of thorns image and gave it to me as a gift. I want to share it here with anyone who cares to see it.

Thank you, Eddie.

Called to move

Here is a reflection that I wrote to give last year as Spiritual Shepard for our local American Heritage Girls troop.  I found it purging some old e-mails.  I hope you enjoy.


Today is Columbus Day.  Next Monday is the feast of the North American martyrs.  Both Columbus and the martyrs ventured off into lands that were new to them to help spread the gospel.  They didn’t know what to expect when they got to their destinations.  They only knew that they heard God’s call and responded.  But they only received part of the call.  They first had to travel.  Only then did they get the rest of their mission.


Sometimes God calls us this way.  He wants us to change or He changes us.  Sometimes he wants us to meet new people.  Sometimes He calls us to new situations.  We might not know why we are called.  God isn’t trying to be mean to us.  Maybe God wants to use us to accomplish great things.  Maybe if we knew the whole plan, it would overwhelm us.  We would think of our own ability and assume we would fail.  Maybe God works with us a step at a time, like a parent teaching a child to walk.  The parent slows down and focuses on each step.  This is what the toddler can handle.  As the child’s leg strength develops, she can walk faster and faster.  Someday she will run and jump.  Maybe as a woman, she will run a marathon or jump out of a plane with a parachute, amazing things.  But it started with small steps.  Mom and dad slowed down to walk with her, holding her hand.



When we feel called somewhere but we don’t know why, let us allow God to hold our hand.  Let us let Him teach us to hear His voice through advice of our guardian angel, people more wise than us, and that peace within that comes with decisions.  Let us ask God to teach us to walk with Him and grow in strength.  Let us ask God to call us so that we might respond with Trust.

Homeless vet a model of charity

homeless vet

homeless vet

A few weeks ago my daughter was running a charitable drive for a local crisis maternity center. As we were arriving, I stopped to give this homeless vet a fast food gift card and a crucifix to wear. He said that he appreciated the gift card but appreciated the crucifix even more. As I passed by he made the sign of the cross three times and waved.

Later that day, I saw that he had made his way over to my daughters charitable project. He was coming to make a donation. I was floored. I wanted to note this as a reminder to myself to give even when I think I can’t.

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