Homeless vet a model of charity

homeless vet

homeless vet

A few weeks ago my daughter was running a charitable drive for a local crisis maternity center. As we were arriving, I stopped to give this homeless vet a fast food gift card and a crucifix to wear. He said that he appreciated the gift card but appreciated the crucifix even more. As I passed by he made the sign of the cross three times and waved.

Later that day, I saw that he had made his way over to my daughters charitable project. He was coming to make a donation. I was floored. I wanted to note this as a reminder to myself to give even when I think I can’t.

St Benedict garden


I haven’t been gardening since moving to the Springfield, Mo area.  This year I decided to get started again.  We are settled enough that I have the time to do it now.  There was a fenced off area of my side yard that was perfect for the garden but had been overgrown with weeds and also had a poplar tree in the corner.  My family and I spent some time cleaning it up and getting it ready.  The cross and circle part of the pattern will serve as walkways, creating 4 growing spaces in the center and also growing areas in the corners of the garden.


I wanted to make it a garden in honor of St. Benedict.  We took some old cedar fence posts that were laying around and cut them into size to be able to make the pattern of the St. Benedict medal.  We also took paver stones that were around, some black paint, and clear acrylic spray paint to make the letters to layout in the walkway/cross.


Here is the pattern for the garden from the St. Benedict medal.  It’s not completely finished yet but it is close to being done.  This will serve not only as a great way to organize our garden but a way to bless our property with a sacred space.

I can’t wait to start getting some plants and seeds into the ground.  Some plants have been started in the house.  There will be somewhat of a learning curve for me since it is a different climate and different soil than what I am used to.

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